New single from The JAMs (a.k.a. KLF)
Nov 2017 30

Following their adventures in and around Liverpool during their release of the book “2023: The Trilogy” in late August, the JAMS (The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) has released a 7” vinyl single.

According to the information on L-13, The JAMs’ current channel for selling merchandise, the single does not contain any music but rather excerpts from the audiobook of “2023: A Trilogy”, narrated by Daisy Campbell. A “Burn the Shard” poster and the full audiobook are also included in the package, which comes in three variations. The contents of the variations are exactly the same, only the label on the outer package differ and the KLF – sorry The JAMs – states in true Drummond/Cauty-fashion:

“The suffering of completist collectors has not been accounted for in the ‘war against hierarchy’ equation. There is always suffering. We apologise for the challenges that choice brings.”

Apart from the single there is quite a number of different Dead Perch Merch on sale, including a yellow kagool, similar to the one used in the 1994 Jura press invite, various T-shirts, posters, coffin nails and a small coffin housing a dead fish (artificial) and of course the hardcover book itself.