Nov 2020 06

Cevin Key has been working on his next album for a while now, and it seems it’s getting ready to meet the world. First single “Thirteen” is out today.

The full artist name is “Cevin Key and the Subconscious Orchestra”, because Cevin has collaborated with a whole bunch of people this time around, including IAMX, Edward Ka-Spel, Otto von Schirach, Traz Damji, Soriah and more. Swede Eric Peterson from ambient project In Quantum has also worked on a couple of tracks.

You can pre-order the upcoming album “X̱wáýx̱way” on Bandcamp, and when it comes out on February 3 it will be available in a bunch of different formats including blue vinyl, regular vinyl, with a t-shirt, CD and of course digital.

Listen to “Thirteen” below.