New releases from Anna Öberg, Twice a Man and The Ändå
Mar 2019 15

Let’s catch up with the Twice a Man camp. They’re as busy as ever and they have even restarted their old label Xenophone.

Tonight, Anna Öberg hosts the release party in Gothenburg for her second solo album “Vafan har jag gjort?” (Xenophone). It features an odd trio of guests: Bob Hansson (well-known Swedish poet), John Lindqwister (Machinista, Cat Rapes Dog) and Russ Rydén (new wave band Strasse), and is produced by Charlie Storm (Blue for Two, Håkan Hellström, In Flames, Yvonne, April Tears etc). The sound is a highly personal mix of well-crafted synthpop, post-punk and industrial music.

Twice a Man just released “Cocoon” (review in progress), an album inspired by nature, in particular the forest. It’s something of a continuation of 80:s album “Driftwood” but much more atmospheric and meditative.

Anna Öberg, Karl Gasleben (Cosmic Overdose, Twice a Man) and Zac O’Yeah (ex Twice a Man, ex Butterfly Effect) are also having fun with their new band The Ändå. They have released an album and three singles so far, under the radar. Their experimental synthpop is about playing around with free musical and philosophical ideas, not that different from the progressive, experimental scene in the 70:s.

Check out YouTube for a number of videos and presentations will all three artists.