Jul 2022 23

Seemingly out of the blue, the record label Artoffact just opened pre-order for a new Noise Unit album.

The album in question is called “Cheeba City Blues” and features material written by Bill Leeb and Jeremy Inkel. Jeremy died in 2018, so it has to be older material. I remember there were rumours about a new Noise Unit album being in the works a few years before Jeremy died, but nothing was ever released. Some songs got reworked for the “Warmech” soundtrack I think, but perhaps the rest was sitting on the shelf until now.

Anyway, it will be available on digital, CD and a beautiful gatefold vinyl, all with artwork created by long time Leeb collaborator Dave McKean. It will come out on October 21, but you’ll have to until December for the vinyl.

Pre order is open now on Bandcamp.