New Jean-Michel Jarre album “Equinoxe: Infinity” coming in November
Sep 2018 14

On the release date of Jean-Michel Jarre’s best-of album “Planet Jarre”, a new track from yet another new Jarre album has been posted online.

The new album is called “Equinoxe: Infinity”, and as you might expect it’s a follow-up to “Equinoxe” from 1978. Jean-Michel has always been intrigued by the cover art for that album, and the seemingly endless number of figures watching us. He was inspired to tell the story of the “Watchers” as he calls them, and thus we get this new album. The album comes with two different covers as you can see below, one representing a future in which man lives in harmony with nature, and one showing the destruction humans and machines can make. When ordering you can’t pick which cover you get, it will be randomly selected for you.

Also below is the first track available – “The Watchers (movement 1)”.