New Hocico album lands on December 7
Nov 2012 04

The new Hocico single “Vile Whispers” was released yesterday and the new album “El Último Minuto (Antes de que Tu Mundo Caiga)” lands on December 7. The question of the album is: “What music will you have playing in your final minute?”. “Dance to the apocalypse, baby, ‘cos tomorrow all might be too late!”, the 2 Mexicans say and add that this is their hardest album to date.

The label Out of Line releases the album in 3 versions: regular, deluxe double CD and fan box. The double CD version adds a 5 track second disc and the fan box another 2 track disc with 2 rare tracks from 1996. The fan box, made of black wood, also includes a T-shirt, Mexican sauce and chili flakes (!).