New Combichrist album, line-up and extensive tour
Jan 2019 30

A new Combichrist album is imminent (but there’s no release date yet). It’s called “One Fire”, and the electro-industrial band kicks off the first 40+ date leg of the “One Fire Tour” on April 8.

Andy LaPlegua talks about his new album:

- Welcome to the birth, growth, death, and rebirth of a band. Combichrist has become a purely visceral creature, driven by instinct and emotion; stripped of all pretension. It’s raw and uncompromising – it’s fueled by expressions of lust, anger, pain and hate. The never-ending evolution of a sound has finally come full circle. It’s time to feed our demons. It’s been way too long since we visited the roots of this band, and we are injecting it with the future!

The tour support band, electro alt-rockers Silver Snakes, also have an album on their way. They will join Combichrist on their tour of North America in April, May and June.

- I can’t even express how stoked I am to get on the road right now, Andy says. This new lineup and these new tracks have ignited a fire in me that I forgot I had.

Combichrist live 2019 is Andy LaPlegua (vocals), Eric 13 (guitar), Nick Rossi (drums) and Will Spod (drums).

Photo by: Tobias Sutter