Nov 2022 28

Kurt Uenala might not be that well known to the masses, but he’s been working together with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode for quite a few years now. Most of the songs that Dave submit for a new Depeche Mode album is either written together with the band’s live musicians Peter Gordeno and Christian Eigner, or with Kurt.

Kurt also has his own projects, and the best known is probably Null+Void. But this upcoming EP called “Manuscript” is credited to “Kurt Uenala feat. Dave Gahan” and comes out on December 16. It’s based on Dave’s private notebook/journal notes.

- I’m not sure why, or when, exactly, I wrote these short pieces, he explains. I knew they were never to be songs. I do know that they were written when I was alone. Sometimes in a hotel room. Where? I can’t recall. Sometimes standing by the ocean, or walking the beach in winter. Sometimes on the empty streets of New York City, during the lock-down. Always whilst feeling the beauty, power, and loneliness of a world beyond me.

Check out the first, abstract teaser called “G.O.D” below.