Music for cars – Gary Numan on drive-in tour
Jul 2020 09

Drive-in concerts is getting more and more common these days. So far VNV Nation and several others have tried this concept, in the harbor close to the Release HQ for instance (not VNV Nation though). A while ago, Gary Numan announced he will join Utilita’s ”Live from the Drive-in” series.

He will perform a dozen drive-in concerts in the UK in August and September.

- I think these shows are a bold and ingenious way of giving people a temporary respite from having no live shows at all. It isn’t perfect, it’s not what we want to see become the norm, but for now it’s very much better than no live music at all. I applaud the effort that’s gone in to this from everyone involved, he writes.

Of course, nothing is written in stone:

- My only fear, as the virus appears to be soaring again (here in the US anyway), is that it all gets cancelled or I’m suddenly banned from traveling. Trying to organise this is proving to be more difficult that my previous 40 years of touring combined, but I really want it to work.