Metroland back with new single named after train company
Aug 2014 03

The 2 Belgian gentlemen in Metroland are soon returning with new material. The single “Thalys” arrives in September.

Continuing their fascination with electronic music and public transportation the new single is “Thalys”, named after a train company famous for their burgundy red trains.

The single is first out in a series of vinyl releases from the label Alfa-Matrix, so it will be released as a 12″ vinyl with 4 songs, accompanied by an MCD with 7 tracks. And for the real fans, there will also be a limited cassette (only 150 will be made) with 10 tracks where 2 won’t be available anywhere else. You can only get the cassette if you order directly from Metroland.

The release date is set to September 26 and you can check out some snippets from it below.