Melotron is on the move again
Feb 2013 15

After a long hiatus – the last album “Propaganda” was released in 2007 – the German bodypop trio Melotron is gaining momentum again, getting ready to release the album “Werkschau” in the spring. First though, we get the single “Stuck in the Mirror”, marking a change as it’s in English. The rest of the EP seem to be in German though, with a whole bunch of new songs as well as a remix by singer Andy K of the title track. Also on the EP is a new version of one of my favourite Melotron tracks “Folge mir ins Licht” from the album “Weltfrieden” in 2002. On this version they are joined by soprano Lauren Francis for a calm rendition.

The EP is out on March 9 on Out of Line, and they claim it’s a clubby, catchy track with a “solid beat and heavy sequencers”. The physical version is only available in 1 000 copies.