Jan 2016 13

Read Martin L Gore’s Facebook post about David Bowie’s death below.

“David Bowie – Where does one start? Is it too obvious to state that he was the most influential artist for people of our generation and younger? “Ziggy Stardust” was the first album I owned and his ability to innovate meant that I was waiting patiently for the release of “Blackstar” just a few days ago.

I have heard Bowie blasting from Mr. Gahan’s dressing room way too many times to begin to count. “Heroes” was the first song that we ever played as the original Depeche Mode. We were all much more than casual fans.

He is the only artist who compelled us to rush to a record store on day one of a release back in the days of vinyl and beyond. His music is what grabbed us but he was so much more than just a musician.

To follow Bowie, to be one of his fans, was to be led on a magical, winding journey. He constantly pushed boundaries and introduced us to styles and genres we were unaware of or didn’t exist before he invented them.

He was a star – the star of stars. For us, he was the greatest legend. A legend who never rested on his laurels but continued to experiment up until his death.

We, along with the rest of the world, mourn the loss of our greatest talent. This will be a hard one to recover from.”