Line-up changes for Covenant as Souls are reborn
Jul 2016 04

While the relatively new Covenant recruit Andreas Catjar focuses on the rebirth of his old raw indierock band Souls, Daniel Myer steps in once again, both in the studio and on stage.

The upcoming Covenant album “The Blinding Dark” will feature material from both Andreas Catjar and Daniel Myer, as well as the rest of the band of course.

Souls are currently preparing a documentary and a vinyl release:

- Steve Albini has invited us to Chicago again so we at last can mix and master our first album for vinyl and maybe make some new noise too…


- We remember that while working on our “Sequencer” album, there was a band next door that made an incredible racket and we tried to avoid being in our studio at the same time. They called themselves Souls and they were wonderful. Who knew that Andreas would join Covenant 20 years later! So the story about Souls is also a story about us. A bunch of kids from a small town in the south of Sweden setting out to conquer the world with noise.