Kontravoid’s 2nd album: Emotional depth from a masked phantom
Sep 2019 24

Kontravoid’s second album “Too Deep” (out on Berlin label Fleisch last week) is one of the most talked-about releases on our scene right now.

On “Too Deep”, Kontravoid’s Cameron Findlay explores isolation and obsession to a cinematic sound rooted in old-school EBM, goth and dark synthpop. To balance the darkness, his videos are a bit tongue-in-cheek and his latest clip (watch below) includes jet-skiing in a mask and Phantom of the Opera T-shirt.

Cameron expains:

- It was kind of an unhealthy amount of time to be reliving past experiences and emotions but I wanted to make sure I got this thing finished once the concept was in place and I could see the tracks fitting together. Even though I joke a lot there’s some pretty serious stuff in those songs, whether it’s obvious or not, and I won’t go into too much detail but they all mean something really important to me. Some are experiences from the last few years that I never want to revisit, and some I’d love to relive over again.