Julian Brandt launches new male/female synthpop duo The Lipz
May 2018 25

Julian Brandt (Lustans Lakejer, Bobby, Julian & Marina) has launched yet another project, this time a synthpop duo with Emily J. Tennant called The Lipz. Listen to their first track below.

- “Watcher” is a naughty song with a cute chorus about being turned on by someone who is hard to reach, Julian explains.

It’s self-released but their looking for label. “Watcher” is produced by Julian, recorded by Martin Hentzel (The Paper Faces) and mixed by Lars Säfsund (Bobby). Julian and Emily shares the vocal duties.

- We met at some Lustans Lakejer concert after parties. I have always wondered who this cool girl was, so we had a couple of drinks, started a band, came up with a band name and wrote down ten song titles on a napkin!, Julian says.

Julian’s planned solo EP is delayed and he is writing songs for Julian & Marina, his bossa pop project with Marina Schiptjenko.