Jean Michel Jarre selects 11 artists for compilation
Jan 2013 16

This Monday, on January 14, French label InFiné released a compilation of 12 tracks from 11 artists. None other than Jean Michel Jarre selected all tracks. Artists include Oxia, Murcof, Rone (2 tracks), Aufgang, Clara Moto, Cubenx, Spitzer, Composer, Danton Eeprom, Arandel and label co-founder Agoria. Since 2006 InFiné has released records with many artists from all over the world making music in various genres and this is reflected in the selection, which is quite diverse.  Jean Michel Jarre comments:

- When I first listened to InFiné’s productions, I sensed a connection and a common approach to art. This desire to venture freely into new territories is what has been driving me since the start of my career and I can see how much Oxygène InFiné provides for its artists.