Italy’s Kirlian Camera announces dark album – listen to the new single
Jan 2021 29

Italy’s Kirlian Camera has just announced their new album. Listen to the first single below.

Dependent Records will deliver the double album “Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)” on May 14.

- With “Cold Pills” we have created our darkest album yet, Angelo Bergamini says.

You can listen to the bold and fascinating first single below; it has an Italian bombastic and operatic quality to it, but also nods towards rhythmic neofolk. The six and a half minute long “The 8th President” will be released on March 26 in three physical formats: as a 4-track digipak CD, gold vinyl (limited edition in 200 copies) and black vinyl (limited edition in 300 copies). Pre-sale is open.

- At times apocalyptically romantic, at other times merciless and stormy, “The 8th President” appears to be the choreography of “satanic-shaped mystics”, for those, who have no courageous touch with the subsoil of good, Bergamini explains.