May 2016 17

After being absent for 4 years, Gary Zon’s industrial music project Dismantled returns with a new EP and album.

The new album will be called “Natural Selection” but first out is the EP “The Hero” on August 12 (Metropolis, Dependent). It will contain new tracks and remixes from Rotersand, Psyclon Nine and others. Listen to an excerpt of the minimal, NiN-ish “The Hero” below.

EP track list:

1. “The Hero”
2. “The Hero” (Noonatac Club Mix)
3. “The Hero” (Xian.Rmx)
4. “Suicidal”
5. “Dead on Impact” (Dawn of Ashes Remix)
6. “The Hero” (Sleepless Droids Remix)
7. “The Hero” (Rotersand Remix)
8. “Trapped”
9. “The Hero” (Psyclon Nine Remix)
10. “The Underneath”