Industrial metal and electronica band Celldweller continues ambitious album project
Dec 2014 10

The last Celldweller album was “Wish upon a Blackstar” which was released in EP installments, until the album was complete. Now Klayton aka Celldweller is continuing his sci-fi story with “End of an Empire” which is revealed in chapters.

A little while ago he released “End of an Empire (Chapter 1: Time)” with 5 new tracks and a whole bunch of remixes and instrumentals, and now you’ll find Chapter 2 at your favourite digital music depot – or at FiXT Music. This EP also features 5 new tracks in his usual genre-bending mix of industrial metal, electronica and dubstep. Like before, it also features a buttload of mixes etc for your perusal.

Four chapters are planned, with the remaining two rumoured to be “Dreams” and “Death”.