In Strict Confidence are back with a new album
Oct 2016 26

Dennis Ostermann and his band In Strict Confidence hasn’t released an album since 2012, when “Utopia” came out. Now it’s time for new material and following two new singles that are already out, a new album comes in November.

“The Hardest Heart” is the title, and according to the press release the twelve tracks are “boldly danceable” which sounds awesome. They’re also “electronically aggressive” and “deeply melancholic”, so it should make for an interesting listen. It hits the streets and all online shops on November 25 and will be available as standard digipak, a double CD box including the classic album “Face the Fear” on cassette (for some reason) and a bunch of giveaways. A double vinyl edition is also being prepared.

Check out the two singles “Somebody Else’s Dream” and “Everything Must Change” below.