Gothenburg trio Silent Wave releases second single
Oct 2015 08

Gothenburg based trio Silent Wave (Tildeh Hjelm, Hans Olsson Brookes and new drummer Martin Öhman), will release their brand new single “Dancing Away from You” / “War” on November 5.

It is their second single and continues down the moody melancholic synthpop path they began to explore with their first single “Dream on, Dream on” in 2014. The vinyl edition of the single is limited to 100 copies and is released by Silence Productions, the digital release of “Dancing Away from You” is released a bit later by Linc/Sony then followed by “War”.

Silent Wave will play live in Gothenburg (Pustervik) on November 5, in Stockholm (Debaser Strand) on November 20 and in Malmö (Grand) on December 5 to celebrate the release.

Live photo from Pustervik in Gothenburg by: Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik