Game over for Code 64, new duo to follow
Jul 2013 26

Skilled Swedish/Norwegian technopop trio Code 64 has decided to quit after the departure of member Christian Espeland (to the right in the pic). Remaining members Hans Mattsson and Bjørn Marius Borg will start a new band as a direct replacement. Read Code 64′s statement below.

“After some recent events, and careful consideration, Christian has decided to pull out of the band to focus on his personal life. At the same time, Hasse and Bjørn has, with extreme determination, decided to break out of Code 64 and launch a new band together as a duo. In effect, this means that Code 64 has officially split up for good. Hasse and Bjørn’s new band will be its direct replacement.

This will undoubtedly cause a lot of speculation, but sufficiant to say, our reasons for doing it this way are very real. Before the rumors start, we would like to point out a few important things. Firstly, our reasons for splitting up has nothing to do with musical differences. In fact, all three members are very satisfied with our latest material. Secondly, we part as good friends. There is no bad blood between us, just disappointment. Thirdly, all songs for our now cancelled “Power Up” album has been written, recorded and produced entirely by Hasse and Bjørn. Therefore, most of these songs will be pulled out of Code 64 and be the large part of the debut album of the new band. Our current label, Progress Productions, supports our decision fully, and they will continue working with Hasse and Bjørn.

Most importantly – We are very sorry for this. We are sorry to disappoint our fans this way, and so sad that it had to happen in this manner. Many of you would probably want Hasse and Bjørn to continue as Code 64, but for them this is not an option. Without Christian, although he has not been a contributing member for a long time, there simply is no Code 64. All For One – One For All. Our website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Soundcloud profile and YouTube Channel will stay active until Hasse and Bjørn has revealed their new project. Then these sites and profiles will be closed and replaced. We sincerely hope that at least some of you will hit that like button, subscribe and follow our new band when it becomes official. We still want you as our fans and friends. We owe you everything. You are our number one driving force and inspiration for making music. We hereby promise to do our absolute best to bring you the most epic sounding, powerful yet at the same time melodic and emotional electronic music project you have ever heard. It might be overly ambitious, but nevertheless it is our goal. Please, stay tuned!

Despite these sad news, you still have one chance to see Code 64 live. With Christians blessing, Hasse and Bjørn will perform as Code 64 one final time at the Synthember Festival on Friday the 6th of September in Berlin. Ironically it will be the first, and last time we play in Germany as Code 64. We hope to see some of you there!

Thank you all for everything. It has been a life changing journey.
Live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.
Our Best Regards To You
-Hasse Mattsson, Bjørn Marius Borg and Christian Espeland”