Free Covenant and Pride and Fall downloads
Aug 2013 20

Dependent gives away 2 tracks for free at their web site: a demo version of the new song “For Our Time” by Covenant and the dance tune “Turn the Lights on” by Pride and Fall.

“For Our Time” is the “hypnotic centerpiece” from Covenant’s upcoming album “Leaving Babylon” (that we have listened to and like). The demo version in question is also on the new compilation “Dependence 2013″ (August 30) alongside Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Seabound, Mesh and many more.

Pride and Fall is also featured on “Dependence 2013″ with “Hollow (SITD Remix)”. Their new album is called “Of Lust and Desire” (August 30).


Picture: Pride and Fall