Dec 2013 17

This week, the free download compilation “Swedish Electro Vol 2″ is released. It offers 36 tracks with bands like Kite, Cryo, The Pain Machinery, Henric de la Cour, Enemy Alliance, Chaos All Stars, Libra and Machinista available for instant download. 

Nikos Konstantinou from Greece stands behind the compilations and Facebook page Swedish Electro Scene:

- I started this page in April 2011 to support bands that were good friends of mine like Lowe, Rezonance and Arachnophobias but as time was passing many bands contacted me and they wanted to promote their music from my page, so the page started to grow. The idea for the first compilation – Volume 1 – was to release a compilation available for free downloading when the page reached 1 000 members and this happened last January, he says.

Link to “Swedish Electro Scene Vol 2″ Bandcamp page
Link to “Swedish Electro Scene Facebook page