Freddie Wadling goes to Progress
Mar 2012 07

In a surprising move, legendary Swedish musician Freddie Wadling (Blue for Two, Fläskkvartetten, Cortex, and old punk bands like Liket Lever and Leather Nun) has signed to Swedish synth label Progress Productions.

Freddie and producer Per Svensson’s new project Kingdom of Evol has a sound inspired by psychedelic rock, postpunk and industrial, so it’s perhaps not as surprising as it would seem at first sight. Label head honcho Torny Gottberg says the sound is reminiscent of Cortex and Einstürzende Neubauten.

The album called “Nocturnal Incidents” is planned for a May release, also featuring Ebbot Lundberg from Soundtrack of Our Lives, Joachim Nordvall, Leif Elggren and old Cortex producer (their first album in 1981!) Henrik Venant.

Check out two tracks here.