Four men – not any men – making plans
Jan 2018 28

It looks like four ordinary old men having a Swedish “fika”. But they are responsible for some of the finest Swedish synthpop ever made.

Adolphson & Falk has turned 50 as a band and want to do something special. And it sounds like they are finally prepared to take their classic sound to the stage.

- How did we sound at the end of the 60:s? In the 70:s? And so on. Well, we had a little meeting with Greg and Dagge and talked about the 80:s. Let’s see what will happen!, they write.

In recent years, Tomas Adolphson and Anders Falk have focused on acoustic music including acoustic version of classic songs. Greg FitzPatrick was the tech wizard responsible for their groundbreaking electronic sound from 1981′s “Blinkar blå” onwards and “Dagge” Lundqvist their producer/mixer.