Fix8:Sed8 – vintage industrial for darker times
Jun 2019 23

If you like North American and German old school industrial from the 80:s and 90:s with complex textures, vocal samples, hypnotic melodies and well-programmed drums, you should check out the new album from Fix8:Sed8 (”Fixate Sedate”).

“Warning Signs”, the follow-up to “Foren6″ from 2017, is out now on Dependent Records. Frankfurter Martin Same is the sole member of a project that has operated mostly under the radar since 2003 – “Warning Signs” is his fourth album. Previous albums has been co-produced by Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Covenant), DJ Barmherziger and Steve Dragon (In Strict Conficence) but now he’s a master of his domain. He calls his new album “a soundtrack to a modern dystopic downfall that we would rather like to ignore than to face”.