Fifth album by futurepop trio Pride and Fall ready, after a lengthy process
Jun 2016 30

The fifth album from Norwegian dark futurepop trio is finally set for release on August 26. It has been a lengthy process, due to personal upheavals and the switching of production equipment – several times. But now it’s ready.

“Red for the Dead – Black for the Mourning” will be offered as a regular CD and a gatefold double LP with 2 CD:s added, one of them being the bonus affair “Broken Men”. The album, co-produced by Rotersand’s Krischan Wesenberg and Christer Andre Cederberg (Tristania, Anathema), is sad, dark and powerful.

The band explains the title:

-  According to Chinese burial tradition, you would protect yourself from a dead person’s spirit by wearing black. It is the colour of mourning. The dead can be dressed in any colour except for red. To dress the dead in red will leave them restless in their grave.