May 2015 18

The big EBM, new wave, goth and rock festival Eurorock in Neerpelt, Belgium (May 14-17) ended in chaos and many of the artists like Front 242 and Fields of the Nephilim never played.

On the Saturday, the Eurorock head Rudi Donckers found out that €45 000 was missing and is hospitalized for severe heart problems, probably facing surgery, according to Bernard van Isacker, Eurorock press mananger and editor-in-chief of Side-Line Magazine. Van Isacker says the rumours about faked illness are false. Other figures than €45 000 have circulated in the press.

With the organizer gone and rumours going wild, Eurorock and the police chose the “fade-out” option and most parts of the crew and volonteers did what they could under the circumstances, according to many visitors and artists. However, there is a storm of criticism towards Eurorock on the internet.

Front 242, Fields of the Nephilim, Legend and The Neon Judgement were some of the bands that couldn’t play.

Interesting statements from artists like Front 242 and Fields of the Nephilim can be found on their Facebook pages. The statement from Bernard van Isacker can be read here.