Erasure’s Andy Bell releases single with Dave Audé
Apr 2014 08

Continuing our Erasure related news, there’s a new single out with Andy Bell and producer and DJ Dave Audé. 

I guess most of you know about Andy Bell, but perhaps not everyone are clued in on Dave Audé. He’s a well known remixer, producer and DJ who has worked with huge acts like U2, Korn, Yoko Ono, Madonna, Rihanna, Faith No More etc. He’s said that Erasure is his all time favourite band, and was a bit surprised when Andy Bell called him up and wanted to talk about a collaboration.

The song they’ve now released is called “Aftermath (Here We Go)” and is not too far off the Erasure sound; that is bouncy electronic pop – albeit with a more dancey feel. The pair have worked together on and off for a couple of years now, and apparently there’s about 15 songs laying around that are waiting to be released.