Apr 2016 08

Following the end of the Torsten the Beautiful Libertine performances, Andy Bell returned to his home in Florida where he and Vince Clarke met last weekend to plan the schedule for and work on the forthcoming Erasure album.

The work on the new album is already in progress and with the proficiency of both Mr Clarke and Mr Bell, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the new Erasure album being released near the end of this year or perhaps early next year.

Clarke has now returned to New York where he will do a DJ-set on April 12.

Andy Bell is relaxing after his month-long run of Torsten the Beautiful Libertine theatre shows and possibly preparing for the number of solo shows scheduled for the Spring and Summer.

Andy Bell will release an album of songs from Torsten The Beautiful Libertine theatre show on March 4. Torsten The Beautiful Libertine is a continuation of the story of Andy first started to explore in Torsten the Bareback Saint, the first Torsten show, in London and Edinburgh back in 2014.