Aug 2019 09

“Nein Danke!” is the title of the new EP from Norwegian electropop veterans Apoptygma Berzerk, scheduled for September.

First we’ll be treated with two digital teaser tracks on August 12. “Atom & Eve” and “A Battle for the Crown” are retro-flavoured and laidback electropop tracks.

-¬†Think “Exit Popularity Contest” mixed with the best new wave synthpop from 1978-82, mashed up with a clear APOP sound to form passionate electronic pop-songs. The closest we’ve done to this before is “Something I Should Know” off “Harmonizer”, and after playing around with all analogue equipment to make “Exit Popularity Contest”, it was a dream come through to take this over into the “pop” format! We hope you are as excited about the new material as we are.