Electropop project New Division tackles sleep deprivation on the road
Jul 2019 30

LA’s John Kunkel is preparing his next New Division album “Hidden Memories” (Division 87, Progress) and the first single “Fascination” is out now. It’s a laidback electropop tune touching the side effects of being on the road in the US.

- I’ve always wanted to write a song that touched on the mental health aspects of being on tour, sleep deprived, and how that starts to mess with your thoughts. To me the song is a dream sequence where half of the time I’m enjoying being on the road while the other half I’m kind of hating life, wishing I was home. Touring never feels completely right and never feels completely wrong, and that’s where the fascination aspect of it all comes together. You’re in a constant zombie state where normal life ceases to exist, and your mind begins to adapt to being on the road, he says.

There’s also another single, or EP if you will, on it’s way. “Modus” offers the title track and three extra tracks.

Photo by: Alex Casillas