Electronic Summer initiates Depeche Mode fan documentary
May 2014 26

The Gothenburg synthpop and EBM festival Electronic Summer will host a Depeche Mode covention on August 30, as part of this year’s festival. They have initiated the production of a Depeche Mode fan video documentary with the working title “The Depeche Mode fans of Gothenburg”.

- It will contain interviews with Depeche Mode fans in the area as well as putting the band’s local footprints in focus, co-organizer Henrik Wittgren says.

Gothenburg has always been an important fanbase for Depeche Mode and many Depeche Mode collectors resides here. The film, made by Henrik Thyselius, will probably show on a local cinema during a special event, but nothing has been decided.

- The convention will also contain a Depeche Mode tribute set by Welshman “Alan W”, DM dancefloor all night, DM Quiz, collectors’ record fair and some yet to be revealed DM happenings.

The main Electronic Summer headliners this year will be Covenant, Aesthetic Perfection and Assemblage 23.

Festival tickets are on sale. There are both 3-day tickets and 1-day tickets, with 1 ticket type for each of the 3 days.