Electro and industrial festival Kinetik cancelled
Apr 2014 07

Canada’s main festival for electro, industrial, EBM and noise music Kinetik in Toronto (on May 22-25) has been cancelled. Refunds have started and alternate shows for some of the touring artists might happen – that is being worked on as we speak.

The reasons for the cancellation are unknown but the organiser Jean-Francois Gadoury says:

- There has been a complicated and unplanned situation involving Kinetik Production that as of this week has become insurmountable. Unfortunately because of the confidential nature of the case, it’s impossible to go into details, but you need to know that we are now facing issues that have a major effect on the continuation of the Kinetik Festival.

Read more of the statement here. And a statement from media partner Idieyoudie.

As we don’t know the reasons, we shouldn’t connect this to a shrinking North American industrial scene or anything like that. Festivals get cancelled all the time, for various reasons.

Front Line Assembly should have played and Bill Leeb says:

- Sorry to hear this event is cancelled. It was the best festival in Canada by far. The first time we played there in Montreal was truly a great time. I was looking forward to this one and hanging out with Cevin Key and the gang. Oh well onward and forward…