Do you love Front Line Assembly and have $325 to spare?
Oct 2019 29

The classic Front Line Assembly album suite “Gashed Senses and Crossfire”, “Caustic Grip”, “Tactical Neural Implant” and “Millennium”, owned by Warner, have been largely out of rotation for quite a while now. Now, Canadian label Artoffact has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to get the licenses and release an amazing looking vinyl box set.

If the campaign goes through (and it looks likely), all the classic albums will be remastered and put in a custom box designed by long time FLA collaborator Dave McKean. The US version has splatter vinyl, and the EU version has brown vinyl, with each album containing three discs that will also include the singles from that album. To top it off, there’s a unique box set t-shirt (also designed by Dave McKean) and a silver or gold (randomly inserted) flexi disc with an unreleased FLA song called “Feeder”.

The only crux is that it costs $325 plus shipping, but you can also buy the albums separately if you like. Pre-order on Bandcamp to be part of the campaign, with an expected delivery date of May 4, 2020.