Depeche Mode signs with Columbia Records
Dec 2012 12

After leaving EMI and Mute, today we finally know for certain were Depeche Mode is going. It is now officially confirmed Columbia Records (Sony) is taking care of the band, as they gear up towards their 13th studio album to be released in March next year.

Daniel Miller will still oversee things and more Mute people will be involved.

Columbia boss Rob Stringer says to Hollywood Reporter that:

- Despite selling millions of albums over many years they have still maintained a freshness and mystique in all aspects of their career and are truly a global band with huge fanbases in literally every country. Their new album is unique and invigorating and their best work for ages and we are excited to be involved with Depeche Mode as a worldwide company.

Martin Gore has also made a statement, partly repeating words from the Paris press conference a few weeks ago.

- I am very happy with how the album turned out. The music has a similar vibe to “Violator” and “Songs of Faith and Devotion” and I think the songs on the album are among some of the very best we’ve done.

Which of course is what they usually say, but until we hear more I’m going to take his word for it.

David Gahan adds:

- The album has a very organic and direct feel to it. It’s not a blues record, but it definitely has a soulful vibe. During the recording process we really tried to get the elements of performing and the live show into the album more.

I think it might be good to shake things up a bit in the Depeche camp, since one can argue that things have gotten a bit stale lately.