Depeche Mode releases “Where’s the Revolution” single this week
Feb 2017 02

Depeche Mode’s first “Spirit” single “Where’s the Revolution” will be released tomorrow, on February 3.

Details on physical releases, possible remixes or B-sides remain unrevealed. “Where’s the Revolution” is the first single from their forthcoming 14th studio album “Spirit”, which will be released on March 17 on Columbia Records. The new material is produced with James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco fame.

Anton Corbijn is again responsible for the album artwork and while waiting to judge the musical content of new material one can ponder over the fact that the album artwork is very simplistic and quite juvenile. It is a bit strange that the leading electronic futuristic band, well respected and with thoughtful lyrics and intricate production, still lets this juvenile playfulness dictate the graphical content. When the album, and single, artwork was revealed it stirred quite bit of discussions amongst fans.

The only redeeming fact is the horrible legs and flags on the album cover distracts from the fantastically ugly new hot-dog Depeche Mode logo.