Demo and extended remixes release from synthpop veteran Robert Marlow
Aug 2014 26

In September, a vinyl LP release called “The Blackwing Sessions 1982/83″ (Electro-Shock Records/Vinyl On Demand) from English synthpop veteran Robert Marlow will see the light of day.

The LP will contain demos and extended remixes from the past.

Track list:

A1  No Heart (Demo)
A2  Torch Team (Demo)
A3  I Just Want To Dance – Alternative Lyrics (Demo)
A4  When Sleep Was Easy – Alternative Lyrics Ambition (Demo)
A5  The Kiss (Demo)
A6  Life In A Film (Demo)
B1  No Heart – Alternative Vocals And Bass Line (Rough-Mix) 3:51
B2  No Heart (extended)
B3  I just want to dance (extended)
B4  The Face of Dorian Gray (extended)