Debut album from synth super group Radioaktivists imminent
Oct 2018 05

Radioaktivists is a synth super group consisting of Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Covenant, Architect and other project too numerous to mention), Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand), Sascha Lange (writer of several books about Depeche Mode and underground DJ culture in Germany) and Frank Spinath (Seabound, Edge of Dawn, Lionheart etc etc).

Now, that’s a damn good lineup if you ask me, and judging by the song posted on their Bandcamp page the quality matches my expectations. They first debuted a track on a Dependent compilation in 2012, so the album has been a long time coming. The album “Radioakt One” will finally be out on Dependent on November 30 in various formats. Firstly as digipak, but also in a strictly limited hardcover artbook with a bonus CD containing a short story from Sasha Lange and some other interesting stuff.

If you want to pre-order you can do so from Dependent (or here if you’re in the US).