Debut album by old school EBM quartet Nattskiftet coming soon
Apr 2021 17

The quartet Nattskiftet from Gothenburg have recently finalized their debut album, after releasing the EP “Aceton” back in 2016.

Nattskiftet (Swedish for “Night Shift”) consists of Anna Johnning, Tobias Eliasson (occasional Release writer), Christer Björndahl and Lars Björndahl and together they make old school EBM with a decidedly working class aesthetic. The title is “Stämplar in” (Swedish for “Punching in”) and it features 12 songs of what the record label Progress Productions calls “one of the best old-school EBM debut albums to come out of Sweden ever.”

If you order directly from the label you’ll have the chance to get the limited edition double disc CD with a remix bonus CD where artists like Lucifer’s Aid, Alvar, Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand), Digidroid and Elliot Berlin have put their own touches to some of the songs. Wesenberg has also mixed the album.

You can pre-order here.