Crowdfunding next for synthpop veteran Howard Jones
Oct 2014 15

Synthpop veteran Howard Jones is the latest in a long row of artists now turning towards crowdfunding to finance their projects. His upcoming project “Engage” is a multimedia, multigenre extravaganza that he wants to take on the road and also release on Bluray and DVD.

“Engage” is an interactive live experience with both visual and audio elements. The music is influenced by EDM, contemporary classical, cinematic and synthpop fused with ballet, modern dance and philosophy. Quite lofty goals indeed!

The crowdfunding campaign is on now at PledgeMusic and is off to a strong start, but there’s plenty of time left if you want to chip in. Some of the rewards include a visit to Howard’s own studio, or tickets to a gig at the Indigo arena at O2+ in London.