Claus Larsen maintains exhausting release schedule
Apr 2021 22

Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen keeps releasing music in what seems like a never ending stream of inspiration.

His latest, “Back to Industry”, has gained a lot of positive buzz throughout the electro community, many calling it a true return to form. It was released a month ago on his own Læbel and has just been made available on streaming services. It follows a string of cover albums, including Depeche Mode on “ÆDM II”, various artists on “Æppreciation IV” and a double album interpreting selected works from Skinny Puppy. He’s also on a new John Carpenter tribute.

Larsen, who started making music when he was 14 and who is now in his early fifties, suffered a huge loss last Fall when his husband and musical partner of many years passed away a while back, but he seems to be experiencing a creativity boom at the moment. “Back to Industry” was the last album Kurt got to approve.