Aug 2018 22

Before Skinny Puppy even existed, Cevin Key had an idea. This collection called “Brap and Forth vol. 8″ is gathering pieces from that period, featuring outtakes and demos.

These tracks consists of Cevin sitting at home experimenting with electronic equipment, forming the basis on which Skinny Puppy was built on. A dozen “Bites” and “Remission” era tracks are on here, as well as two newer demos, including one from 2001. Three recording features input from Bill Leeb from Front Line Assembly – and of course former member of Skinny Puppy – under his alias Wilhelm Schroeder.

ArtOfFact have pulled out all the stops for this release, as it’s available digitally, on CD, and on several different vinyl formats. An audiophile black edition and a limited yellow vinyl edition, plus a a special collectors edition limited to 200 copies. This edition is pressed on a special white and clear “inside-outside” effect vinyl. It also comes with a strictly limited 7” flexi disc vinyl, pressed on green and with silver foil text and design. The one-sided flexi features two exclusive, unreleased demos, which will not be available anywhere else.

Get it now on, and you can also listen to the track “Coma” below.