Cevin Key readying new solo album
Jul 2020 24

Cevin Key from Skinny Puppy has revealed that his new solo album is almost finished and he is aiming for a fall release on Artoffact Records.

Even though Cevin grew up on top of the Salish village of XwayXway, he was never taught the name of it, or the history. Now he’s titled his new album “XwayXway” to honour that people, and spead the message that it’s time to recognize indigenous rights.

To realize this album, he’s brought the “Subconscious Electronic Orchestra”, a bunch of people who he has collaborated with. Among them are usual suspects like Dre Robinson, Otto Von Schirach, Omar Torres, Edward Ka-Spel and Greg Reely, but also people such as Swedish ambient artist Eric Peterson aka In Quantum, Allen Jaeger, Simon Paul and more.