Busy days for young EBM label
Feb 2012 06

The young industrial/EBM label Complete Control Productions (CCP) from Stockholm had a busy year in 2011 and apparently they have no intention of slowing down now, as they have a slew of upcoming stuff.

Guilt Trip have a new single coming out, in preparation of the new album in February.

EBM act The Pain Machinery released no less than two albums last year, “Auto Surveillance” and “Surveillance Culture”. There’s also a a sort of “best of” album called “Digital Surveillance” with tracks from those two albums, made especially for the streaming market (Spotify et al). They are working hard on a new album slated for a May release.

CCP will start a sub-label based on Infiltrator’s old label, releasing old-school industrial, mostly on cassette!

Last, but not least, CCP is putting together a 2CD compilation with all their artists, as well as newcomers. Tentatively called “Inside the Volcano” it will feature The Pain Machinery, Infiltrator, Severe Illusion, Arzt+Pfusch and Guilt Trip.