Box with Cosmic Overdose, Twice a Man and Lars Falk
Mar 2013 12

In the 80:s Swedish pioneers in Twice a Man released material on their own label Xenophone. Now ambitious label Vinyl-on-Demand will re-release 3 of the tape releases on the label as a “Xenophone International 1979-1985″ 3LP-box, limited to 500 copies. This will include “Final Koko” from Cosmic Overdose (basically Twice a Man before they started to sing in English and changed their name), “The Sound of a Goat in a Room” from Twice a Man and “Through” from Lars Falk, early member in the band. It will also contain bonus tracks, some never released before.

Along with this release in now in March, Vinyl-on-Demand will also release some other previously hard to find stuff from band like Data-Bank-A, Modern Art and Laughing Hands.


Photo: from left to right Dan, Lars and Karl of Twice a Man 1981.