Blutengel returns with new album “Leitbild”
Feb 2017 07

One of the most popular bands in our “scene” in Germany is Blutengel, and they’ll return this spring with a brand new album.

The new album is called “Leitbild” and is eagerly awaited since the last album “Save Us” reached #4 in the German regular album charts. The atmospheric dark club anthems you’d expect are there, although with more layers. The title means “overall concept” or “role model” in German, and is meant to symbolize the band’s evolution.

The album comes out on February 17 on CD, limited double LP and a special extra limited edition silver edition. A deluxe double CD will also be available with an extra disc featuring five new tunes and a bunch of remixes.

As if all these variants weren’t enough, the limited fan set will satiate you. It comes in a classy glossy print cardboard case and contains the double CD edition plus lots of exclusive content: A lavish shape MCD available only in the set. It features a rework of “Anders Sein” plus two songs off “Leitbild” in acoustic versions. The disc itself features the Blutengel ”Leitbild” logo on a crystal-clear see-through disc.

Also included is “Chris Pohl – Lebe deinen Traum – Das Hörbuch” which is an exclusive double CD (German language, only) that tells the story of Chris, Blutengel and all his other music projects, in his own words, narrated by Chris Pohl himself. The album artwork and all lyrics are featured in a deluxe A5 photo booklet. Alles klar?

Here is the latest video: