Aphex Twin on Kickstarter
Apr 2014 14

Well, not exactly. Fans of Aphex Twin on the forum We Are the Music Makers are going on Kickstarter to collect enough funds to finally release the previously unreleased “Caustic Window” album by Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin.

The album was never released, and so far only exists on 4 vinyl test pressings. The Kickstarter campaign is trying to get enough money to buy one of these after one copy mysteriously showed up for sale on Discogs.com. It’s legit, and now a deal has been struck with Richard James and his label Rephlex, to buy it and make digital copies of it, in lossless format.

Aphex Twin himself is as always an enigma and hasn’t released new material under that moniker in a decade. We got a bunch of AFX releases in 2005, and he’s rumoured to be the man behind The Tuss, but as far as I know, it hasn’t been confirmed. Rumours say that Richard is holding off releasing new material as Aphex Twin until his divorce goes through, but who knows? Maybe he’s just making music for himself instead.