Amphi compilation will include tracks by Front 242, Rome and And One
Jul 2015 03

The official Amphi Festival 2015 CD compilation will be released by Out of Line on July 24. It will include new or classic tracks by the main acts, like “Kampfbereit” with Front 242, “One Fire” with Rome and “Männermusik” with And One. Track listing below.

The 18 track industrial, EBM, synthpop and goth CD will be priced as an EP.

Track listing:

1. FRONT 242 “Kampfbereit”

2. AND ONE “Männermusik”

3. CHROM “Loneliness”


5. WELLE: ERDBALL “Vielen Dank Für Die Information”

6. THE MISSION “Everything But The Squeal”

7. RABIA SORDA “Were Here To Win”

8. COMBICHRIST “Maggots at The Party”

9. POKÆMON REAKTOR “Blow Your Head Away”

10. AGONOIZE “Toxin”

11. [:SITD:] “Dunkelziffer (Single Version)”

12. QNTAL “Tenacious Love”

13. THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE “Danaus Plexippus”

14. ROME “One Fire”

15. ZERAPHINE “Die Macht In Dir”

16. DARKHAUS “Side Effect Of Love”

17. SAMSAS TRAUM “Stromausfall im Herzspital”

18. X-RX “Crank it Up”